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In the following exercises, we would like to demonstrate tools and techniques which are helpful in further courses. Students can do the work on their own before class, or during the assigned time. Students will perform tasks in groups of three or four participants. If you can not form a team let Juha Kälkäinen and Ivan Sanchez Milara know.


1. Task - Introduction to Wiki


  1. Form groups of three/four students
    1. Get a group number and keep the group for the duration of the exercises
    2. Join a breakout in Zoom or use your own preferred method of communicating with your group.
  2. Every student creates (individual) accounts for 
    1. atlassian: used in all lectures
    2. github: for Ivan's lesson
    3. trello: for Juha's lesson
  3. Check update notification:
  4. Edit your group's Wiki-Page at the Students space. Click on the link to your group name. After that, press the ... next to Create button (top) to create the webpage if it is not yet created. Use the template "Introduction to Agile tooling" when creating the page.
    1. State group member (using "@"-sign) in the Student full name field
    2. Add the github and trello usernames of all members of the group.
    3. Restrict page to members, Juha Kälkäinen and Ivan Sanchez Milara
    4. Add a screenshot of the permission setting to your webpage
    5. Generate another empty Wiki page (no layout)  and link it to your document (inside "Link to exercise sessions" heading) . Name the page: "Introduction to Confluence - Group nn". You can use the Link tool for that. Check access rights.
      1. Check that this page is under your group's subtree (See Page Tree at the left sidebar).
      2. Write an small text. Please use, at least 2 headings and create one table. 
      3. Be sure that you Save the page several times. We want to generate different revisions of the page.
  5. Revision control settings
    1. restore an earlier version of your page.
    2. Add a screenshot to your webpage of the diff view.
  6. Multiple edits to one document
    1. when one page is edited by multiple users - how does Confluence handle such? Add a screenshot of the diff view.
      1. To open the diff view go to Page history (... at the top right corner) and press the Compare selected versions button. 
      2. You can open the browser in "incognito mode" if you want to have two different users logged in in the same computer. 

2. Task - Introduction to Git

Instructions from this exercise will be found at Introduction to Git

3. Task - Introduction to project management and supporting tools

In this lecture, students will go through a scenario based training. The task is to plan the development of a classic Web 2.0 project. After an initial planning, students are confronted with different situations requiring their attention. Instructions are available.


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