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Please answer this questions when they are requested in the exercise guide, not before. 

Q1: Using the log command determine the number of commits and their id (use just the five first digits) from the user named "Marta Cortés".

Answer here

Q2: Using the show command you must determine who, when and how many files were modified in the commit with id starting with 77d79 .

Answer here

Q3: Using the diff command you must determine the changes to the file from the commit with id 4ee6d to the last commit (HEAD).

Answer here

Q4: why HEAD is pointing to fibonacci and not to master?

Answer here.

Q5: Insert here the snapshot of the command window showing fibonacci and master branches

Insert picture here.

Q6.  Make a snapshot of the command window. Why the log shows two line in parallel?

Insert picture and answer question here.

Q7.  Make a snapshot of the Github commits page. 

Insert picture here.