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  1. student A does not do his work - If someone is slacking in his side of the work, we will address the issue immediately as one person is 33% of the group. 
  2. student B is getting sick - We will distribute his work to the remaining two but if he isn't dying he will try to continue as effectively as possible. 
  3. teaching assistant F does not answer email - There are two choices left. We will call him directly or we will call a fellow assistant.
  4. student C is busy with exams


  1. exams - We will give him time to study for his exams and we will catch up later. The other two can still do quite much of the work so it's not a big stoppage. If we are aware of the exam, we will schedule are work so that we have lighter weeks before the exams.

If any of these scenarios are happening/going to happen we will address it in the next weekly meeting. If something urgent happens we will have an extra emergency meeting in the next morning.